Thanexa is created by a passionate team of people who believe in advancing human potential through friction-free collaboration at work.

What once was a question in the mind of our founder and CEO, has after so many years become the core of what we believe and do. We know that collaboration can lead to some amazing outcomes and yet noticed that it's not happening as frequently or as successfully as it should. So we began looking to find out why. What we have learnt we have used to build Thanexa. A unique software platform where you can collaborate in one place. Where doing work that matters takes the front seat and everything else is automatically and elegantly done by the software itself.

We believe in freeing people at work do their best, instead of spending their time managing busywork or trying to look for information, or keep others updated about what they have done and what they'll be doing.

Come join us - request your invite today and get to experience Thanexa first hand, and help us shape it to become the #1 collaborative work management tool.

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Request your free invitation to join our limited closed beta group and help us shape Thanexa to become the #1 collaborative work management tool.