Get projects done, on time, every time

Your team will love clear
communications and outcomes
in one place so they can get their best work done.

Deliver your projects faster

Get to the real work faster. Make things happen and move on. Gone are the days of spending hours looking for information, status updates and to "sync" up.

Enjoy higher profitability from your work

With work done and delivered, you invoice faster, and get paid faster. You spend less on time to get the same stellar result. So your team wins, your client wins and so do you!

Let your team's creativity flow

Most talented people won't tolerate using systems that are slow and hinder their creativity and flow. Give your team the tool they deserve. Save them the frustration and overwhelm.

Delight your clients and keep them longer

Clients love to see their work done quickly and accurately. They love to know where their project stands and never have to re-send information. Give them the Thanexa advantage and help them love what you do even more!

Fast, convenient, and self-organising

The tool every agency owner, SAAS company executive, and serious content marketer has been wishing for is finally here. Thanexa is changing the game of collaboration at work.


Calendar For All Your Projects and People

See all your and your team's commitments on a calendar - adjust by drag and drop. 
Keep everyone on the same page - all the time. Without having to work hard.

Thanexa calendar view
Thanexa action board - kanban view


Action Board, with No Setup

Are you highly visual? The Thanexa action board shows the actions you and your team are working on in a project in a beautiful, contemporary style, with instant filtering and live-motion when you move a card.


Talking Points at a Glance

Ever wished you could know where the project you are managing is up to, without having to chase people and ask? Now you can find out quickly at any time using the talking points area in Thanexa's dashboard.

Always keep yourself in the loop on a desktop, phone or tablet - always know what actions were completed in the projects you are involved in, and also what key deadlines are coming up. All at a press of a button.

Thanexa main dashboard

I’ve been using Thanexa to set tasks and effort estimates for my team. My senior managers and external stakeholders are now kept up-to-date with the latest project information, and I’ve noticed increased motivation in my team to get tasks done. Compared to other software I’ve used, it’s much easier to manage workflow, provide live status updates, and source talking points as needed. What I love most about Thanexa is that there are so many ways to access and share information within the one platform. It’s like work management software has finally caught up with the kind of flexibility and innovation we have seen in social space, while remaining secure.

Jennifer - Director, State Government


See Actions And Delegated Actions with a single click, on any device.

Seeing your actions due by due date makes sense right? What about seeing them by priority, how fast can you do that you wonder? With Thanexa, you can do all of that in just one second - as a bonus, you can also do the same for actions you have delegated to others in your teams.

Thanexa Dashboard viw
creating and assigning actions in Thanexa


Create Actions For Your Team Quickly

Actions are how work happens. In Thanexa, you can set an action for you or anyone in your project team in less than 14 seconds. 


Setting Deadlines You Can Meet, in Context

Ever felt lost in a project, only seeing tasks without knowing what the actual project timeline was meant to be? Thanexa makes it easy for everyone to know with Deadlines built right into the project stream.

how to set deadline with Thanexa

I recently started playing around with Thanexa. Overall like the direction and ethos of the product. The approach is simple, but it feels versatile enough to be used in different ways for different projects. The interface is snappy, responsive, and uncluttered. I also like the 'feed' concept. This feels more in line with the way that I think compared to most other project management platforms.

Stewart - Web developer and agency owner


Night Owl? Got you covered too!

For the creative in you, Thanexa now comes in dark of light mode - it even auto detects your device's theme and sets itself up to match.

You can switch between them as often as you want. You can even have your laptop using light and your phone dark and so on at the same time too, talk about convenience!

setting light or dark theme in Thanexa
Creating new project in Thanexa


Create New Projects in Seconds

Creating a new project in Thanexa is super fast. All you need is a name to your project and you are good to go.

Thanexa then helps you stay organised by keeping all related conversations, actions, files, notes and anything else together in your project.

And unlike other systems, you can create projects in about three seconds.

You've got to love Thanexa for speed and convenience! 


Flexible Teams, Invite People Super Fast

Enabling collaboration at work is easier than ever with Thanexa. Adding more talented people to your project is just 2 clicks away.

Add their email address and invite them to join you so you can get meaningful work done together. And when they join they can see what happened before them, all context, files, actions and conversations so they can hit the ground running and make a difference fast!


Adding new team members to Thanexa
Uploading Avatar Photo in Thanexa


Your Avatar, Your Way

Ever wished you could change the colour of your avatar? Now you can just in your profile page, under the Avatar section, two clicks and you are done - complete with a colour picker. 

Be creative with your profile photo, update it often to show change in seasons, holidays and other special occasions.

More Features



Real-time Chat so you can see who is online, and write to them from anywhere

Secure 1-Click video and voice for everyone without exchanging links or access codes

All project history and context available to search or browse in one place

Project Management

Agile action boards with drag and drop for multiple cards at a time to get real work done

Project dashboard to get project status and health at a glance without interruptions

Live calendar for all important actions and deadlines so you can see what got done and what's coming


Automatic reporting on project progress, no setup required and instant talking points for you

See and manage all your delegated actions with ease across all your projects

Gorgeous, live-data activity charts built right into your dashboard so you know the true status