Why your attempts at collaborating didn’t work as well as you thought they would – and how to fix that today

Collaboration is a great way to enhance your ability to affect change globally. Whether you are doing great work and need to work with others to get it “out there” or whether you are already running a large, viable business that you see the potential to 10x, collaboration is the way to do it. 

There is only one problem, and it never works as easily as you are led to believe. It’s not you, don’t worry; it happens to everyone - including me and my teams over the years. 

The root cause of that problem is that you don’t know what it takes to collaborate - and there are seven real, practical, actionable things you need to have in place in any system, platform, or app if it is going to be helpful in your collaboration with a team of people. 

And yet, most applications/systems/platforms/apps don’t offer all of these seven things. They may have 2, 3, maybe even four, or at most five, and that’s why they kind of seem like they work, at least at the start, but before long, you’re bound to find yourself chasing “status updates” from the people you work with, trying to find the latest presentation file or document, and keep wondering where things are up to - especially as you are about to get onto a call with your client who is expecting an update. Yes, it’s all too real and sometimes too painful. And most of all, it’s not your fault; you just didn’t know. 

My team and I lived these frustrations day in and day out - until several years ago, I decided to go on a quest. Quit my high-paying, office-with-a-view job and started studying everything I could to find out what makes collaboration really work, and what gets teams together and productive. How we can remove friction out of the work, so people can focus on the actual, real, substantial work that moves the needle, not the busywork of status updates, looking for documents and trying to keep people on the same page.

Glad to report that after several years of in-depth research, I cracked that question and the answer is the seven things you need to collaborate effectively. And hear me out here, these are not the latest app or gimmick, no tech gizmos, these are proven fundamentals, the same ones that helped establish the great country I’m in as I type these lines, Australia. 

And today we have some very, very exciting news for you and everyone else out there who wants to get their teams and projects off the ground and get things done. Who wants to move the needle at work, and who believes in maximising their potential. 

We have built from the ground up a whole new system for collaboration - we call it Thanexa and it’s currently in private beta. 

If you are serious about productivity, want to be able to have your team and yourself focus on the work that matters, removing friction, distractions and reporting for the sake of reporting, then this may be for you.

Don't know where to start?

Request an invite and see for yourself - we offer a free-forever account to Thanexa for our beta users, with whom we are working closely to make a difference in the world.
Go on! Give Thanexa a try and find out for yourself what you and your team can get done, and be amazed (as I was in the last 18 months that we have been using the system internally)!

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